Dr. Sonja Zwissler

Angestellt, SW Architect, IBM Research & Development

Karlsruhe, Germany


Professional experience for Sonja Zwissler

  • Current

    SW Architect

    IBM Research & Development

    Since 2008: Within the WebSphere Portal & Lotus Content Management software group devision: Lead of the key Web Content Template developments for the Industry Solution Templates and driving the CTC. Cooperation with Australia for core Web Content topics, with China for Dynamic Effects and India for Mobile adoption.

  • SW Architect

    IBM Development

    Design Architect & Member of the Central Release Management Team Raleigh (USA) - Definition and lead through the design process and execution for WebSphere Portal & Lotus Collaboration (WPLC) worldwide (portal, collaboration & cooperation, content, rich client technologies ...). Large contributions to the WPLC's SW development life cycle definition, including introduction of first overall agile software development principles. Also Performance Analyst for portal technology.

  • Researcher

    IBM Watson Research, New York

    Secure Systems: Distributed system for secure processing of sensitive data in a large scale service grid. Emphasis on secure environments, e.g. passenger screening, where parties have control over the service functionality but no access to the data. Before: Coupling of services and global strategies for eBusiness architectures: Observability of global system behavior as a prerequisite for end-to-end application level system management, quality of service & reliable execution in widely distributed apps.

  • Researcher

    International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), Berkeley, California

    In the context of `Internet Next Generation' research: Architectures for widely distributed e-Business applications. Analysis of new business processes in e-Finance applications such as how intra- & interbank workflows can profit by adapting web technologies. Work on models for international B2B cooperation - how to bridge legal, commercial and cultural gaps besides the technical aspects. In touch with many Silicon Valley Start-Ups: Learn about philosophies, problems, demands, and what made them successful.

  • Strategic consultant

    SGZ - Bank (central bank of about 400 banks), Germany

    Evaluation and validation of recent information technologies and development of new concepts on how these can be used profitably in the eFinance sector. Requirements analysis & conceptual work for the initiation of the GENO Service Center, introduction of HBCI for online banking/brokerage, and introduction of SET for credit card based online payment. Accompanying first E-commerce systems using SET as well as Intranet service aspects with Singapore.

  • Researcher

    University of Karlsruhe & FZI, Germany

    In cooperation with Hewlett Packard Europe, creation of a distributed e-commerce system (Liverpool, Toulouse, Wisconsin, Karlsruhe) focused on accounting system and security aspects. Derived my doctoral thesis out of the practical experience. Afterwards moved to the FZI: Startup of a research group covering eCommerce topics: i.e. Mall of the region, advisory activities & cooperation with SGZ-Bank, Goldman & Sachs and different SMEs. Originator of the ELDIH project sponsored by the European Commission.

  • Project Management

    IBM R&D

    Within the Analytics Software Group division: Project Management work for building-up a Cloud Infrastructure in Böblingen in the context of Defensible Disposal Solution Lab. On the new infrastructure we then executed Performance and Scalability runs for selected customer scenarios in the context of Inforamtion Lifecycle Governance and Big Data.

Educational background for Sonja Zwissler

  • 1993 - 1996

    Computer Science

    University of Karlsruhe

    Electronic Commerce, Electronic Buiness, Security, Legal Aspects, Internet

  • 1992 - 1992

    Computer Science

    European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), Grenoble

    Diploma thesis: Security system for a distributed control system

  • 1986 - 1991

    Computer Science

    University of Karlsruhe

    Internet, distributed systems, security, networks, parallel computing, operation systems. Besides Computer Science, minor field of study: Medical technology


  • English


  • German

    First language

  • French



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Social Computing
Web 3.0
Information Privacy
Legal Aspects
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