Stephan Aßmus


Angestellt, Developer, SAP

Großbeeren, Germany


Langjährige C++ Erfahrung
solide Java Kenntnisse
binutils und bash
SVG Kenntnisse
eingehende Computer Graphics Kenntnisse
Anti-Grain Geometry (AGG)
Code Review
Entwicklung umfangreicher Applikationen im Bereich
weitreichende Multi-media Erfahrungen
3D Artist
Audio Artist
Illustration & Design
Kommunikationsfähigkeiten und Teamwork
viel Erfahrung mit verteilten Entwicklungsteams.


Professional experience for Stephan Aßmus

  • Current 2 years and 8 months, since Jan 2020



  • Current 12 years and 8 months, since 2010

    Senior Software Engineer

    DramaQueen GmbH

    DramaQueen is a project aimed to bring movie script writing into the digital age. Existing script writing software is focused on enhencing the writing experience, but DramaQueen goes much farther than that. It gives a structural view on the script and allows to edit the script on this level. The user assigns relevant meta data to elements of the script and the software can provide detailed insights into the flow and quality of the drama.

  • Current 17 years and 7 months, since Feb 2005

    Senior Software Developer

    Haiku, Inc.

    Active contributor to the Haiku Open Source operating system. Extensive work on the app_server (comparable to the UNIX X window server combined with an interface tool kit). Created and or extended several end user applications, such as Icon-O-Matic (vector icon editor), MediaPlayer, ShowImage, DriveSetup (graphical partitioning tool) and various frame work libraries such as the Interface Kit and the Media Kit (for example ffmpeg integration). Ported WebKit and created WebPositive browser.

  • Current 22 years and 6 months, since Mar 2000

    Senior Software Developer

    Stephan Aßmus & Ingo Weinhold GbR "YellowBites"

    YellowBites focusses on the creation of end user multi-media software for the Haiku platform. The biggest software titles are WonderBrush, a vector and bitmap graphics editor, eXposer, an animation tool set, ColdCut, and audio editor, and various smaller but useful tools.

  • 9 months, Dec 2008 - Aug 2009

    Software Developer

    examotion GmbH

    I developed an implementation of the OpenVG 1.0 specification using Anti-Grain Geometry as the backend. The implementation was complete except for filters and effects, which we did not need at the time. It provided a basis for a rewrite of the Renesis SVG playback software and later Rave SVG content creation software. My software implementation provided a reference implementation for eventual hardware accelerated versions. I also integrated a multi-threaded font manager and text rendering.

  • 2 years and 6 months, Jan 2006 - Jun 2008

    Senior Software Developer

    Mindwork GmbH

    I was the main architect and developer of the mindwork IP-TV software suite. This consisted of the Clockwerk media composer, a network component (downloading and updating content on client stations), some smaller tools like a watch dog, and dedicated playback software (all sharing the same framework code) which could playback non-stop without interruption during network updates, locked to the screen refresh rate and audio/video always keeping sync.

  • 4 years and 6 months, Mar 2001 - Aug 2005


    Fritzsch & Makat

    I was doing freelance work as a graphics illustrator mainly creating color sketches and story boards for various clients.

  • 1 year and 2 months, Aug 1998 - Sep 1999

    Senior Cleanup Artist


    Started as an intern for one month, learned to be Cleanup Artist, started work on the Simsalagrim project (an animated TV series). We did pre-production in Berlin, I was part of the character design team. Later I was pronounced Senior Cleanup Artist and overlooked all the character design cleanup work for this project.

  • 9 months, Nov 1997 - Jul 1998

    3D and Audio Artist


    Started as intern for one month and reconstructed the office in VRML for embedding in the company website. I had to dig in an learn how to handwrite VRML code and reduce the size of the file from a prohibitive 1 MiB down to below 80 KiB. It also allowed to add animation effects to the website walkthrough and sound. Later I created all the sound effects for a DT Systems presentation and hired and recorded radio speakers.

Educational background for Stephan Aßmus

  • 5 years and 9 months, Oct 1999 - Jun 2005


    Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen Babelsberg


  • German

    First language

  • English



Im Moment nichts.



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