Timur Diehn


journalist - tv producer - Autor Youtube Kanal, http://www.youtube.com/user/Stifterverband

Berlin, Germany


Social Media Strategies
Communication Consultancy
Services Director Web TV
"book of the month" at "Manager Magazin"
see: http://www.amazon.de/kommenden-Tage-Risiken-Chancen-Wissensg... ;
PR 2.0 services based on new web TV formats an approach to PR that transports customer messages credibly by applying journalistic criteria
journalistic formats and tools. Planning and execution of online content and homepages
Web TV interviews and image films based on Web 2.0. Journalistic services
long-term experience with producing TV features for public broadcasting channels
including shoots in conflict zonesMiddle East and Asia ...
Africa & Latin America. Production of promotional and advertising films
from press footage and web TV contributions for small- to medium-sized companies
Countless TV projects and portraits in Germany and abroad
Visions for a new globally fair form of agriculture
High Education policy in Germany
R&D (research and development)
globalization issues
development cooperation
Trans-Atlantic relations
History and chronicles e.g. history of (late) antiquity.
Long-term practice of Buddhism
Expert in comparative religion psychology
and with shamanic healing traditions from Nepal and Peru
Studied Political science (international politics)
energy politics
university politics).


Professional experience for Timur Diehn

  • Current 19 years and 8 months, since Mar 2002

    Freier TV Autor


  • Current 20 years and 2 months, since Sep 2001

    Freier TV Autor, Redakteur, 30 Minuten TV Reportagen & Dokumentationen

    Deutsche Welle TV

  • journalist - tv producer - Autor Youtube Kanal


    Book: "Die kommenden Tage. Risiken und Chancen der Wissensgesellschaft" Edition Stifterverband. Essen 2012 http://www.stifterverband.info/publikationen_und_podcasts/edition_stifterverband/die_kommenden_tage/index.html

  • Analysen und Reden für Think Tank, Konzipiererung neue Medien

    Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft

    Stifterverband Web TV Jeden Montag und Donnerstag neu: Die Zukunftsmacher und ihre Visionen für Bildung und Ausbildung, Forschung und Technik, Wirtschaft und Politik. http://www.youtube.com/user/Stifterverband http://www.stifterverband.info/publikationen_und_podcasts/webtv/index.html https://www.google.com/+stifterverband

  • TV-Print-Radiojournalist

    Berliner Journalistenbüro

  • Redakteur

    TIP Stadtmagazin

  • Büroleiter, Gesellschafter

    Polyeides Medienkontor

  • Gesellschafter, Geschäftsführer, Director Businessfilme


  • New Media Producer, https://www.youtube.com/user/Stifterverband


    Producer, Web TV Author

Educational background for Timur Diehn

  • Spiritual Councelor, www.bewusstseinberatung.net

    Spiritual Councelor, www.bewusstseinberatung.net

  • Politische Wissenschaften (MA) - Internationale Politik, Philosophie, Medien

    Ludwig Maximilian Universität München

    Universität Regensburg Freie Universität Berlin


  • German


  • English


  • French



Think tanks
companies that wish to advertise and promote their own positions and product ranges more credibly and feasibly using new web TV formats tailored to their needs or that wish to use comprehensive forms of presentation in social media. See similar projects for the Stifterverband at http://www.stifterverband.info/publikationen_und_podcasts/webtv/index.html and http://stifterverband.info/veranstaltungen/2012_01_23_oekonomie_neu_denken/video/index.html


Formation of a new civil society
knowledge partnerships between universities and companies
cluster politics
work as a mediator between civil organisations and companies
campaigns and concepts for the Stifterverband (association for German science)
social entrepreneurship
green capitalism
diversity management. Radical constructivism (Heinz von Foerster)
cybernetic system theory (Frederic Vester)
in general; how do complex systems
like international finance markets
the brain and political and spiritual systems
change and develop? System theory observations allow me to recognize political and social trends a lot quicker. "Late Antiquity"
the late era of the Roman Empire
is a point of reference for me that bears striking similarities to today's complex instable change society
where new coalitions are created like lightning and existing power structures
e.g. the long dominant "west" is at risk just as quickly. Searching for a culture and maxim for the 21st century beyond "right" and "left" or other classical identities
up to a "Flusserian logic" (Wilhelm Flusser) which considers life as a form of "change management"
but not just in economical terms but above all from a humanist tradition. Searching for synergies between cultural traditions that were long cut off from each other
for a new "reconciliation" (synthesis) between eastern
western and southamerican cultures. In this regard I find it specially important to learn more about the foundations of Tibetan knowledge (Vajranjana
Bön) Daoism (Mantak Chia)
including Tai Chi
the teachings
wisdom and knowledge of Mestre José Gabriel da Costa
founder of the UDV in Brasil and the shamanic knowledge of the Shipibo Indians in the Peruian Amazon. Persons I learn from include: Namkai Norbu
Tenzin Wangyal and Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche
Dietmar Jarosch
Verena Weese
Katja Sundermeier
the 17th Karmapa
.My Favourite places: Kallmünz
Gomera.Music; electronic club culture from Autechre to Club Transmediale. NuJazz.

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