Vince Golder

Owner, Managing Director, Goldnet Referral Marketing Ltd.

Reading, United Kingdom


# I can greatly increase your credibility
customer loyalty and satisfaction
business growth and worth
using powerful
successful and low cost referral strategies
# In addition I can achieve this with a great reduction in your marketing costs and also reduce challenges from your competition. # I am TOTALLY customer focused
with an official customer charter
which includes; customer care
reward and complaints policies and a 100% results based guarantee so that customers can commission my services with confidence. # I am a committee member on the main and events committees of the Institute of Directors in Berkshire # Development of a "Meet the Buyer" series of events in Berkshire for next year # Further development of a high level network of professionals who help each other in business # Development of training programmes for the Law and IFA professions # Initial talks on training programmes with large business organisations # Conducting training seminars and business speaking roles # My cheerful
interesting and helpful character and manner and being a great chap to know # I have a large contact base of influential people # I have a personal "Referral Directory" currently approx. 70 different businesses # I am a highly professional networker and prolific referrer # I am a strategist with lots of great proven
practical and useful ideas
which generally offer a "win-win" solution for all parties # I have a very strong "Give to Get" policy which benefits both my contacts and myself. # I have 24 years experience in referral and joint venture marketing. I have conducted 28 joint ventures over last 24 years


Professional experience for Vince Golder

  • Current , since Oct 2006

    Managing Director

    Goldnet Referral Marketing Ltd.


  • English



* If you have a huge database of fully opted-in contacts whom you regularly communicate with and would be interested in conducting a book review of my book to your contacts on an affilaite basis
then please contact me ASAP for further details. * Contacts with any large Law Firm or IFA company who would be interested in in-house training on referral marketing * Any Thames Valley based organisation who would like a guest speaker on referral marketing * Any contacts with training companies who offer management or sales and marketing training courses * Any type or size of company interested in moving onto their next level of development
using high response
low cost referral marketing

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