Avery Bateman

Angestellt, Managing Director, New York office, Britsma Design Group Ltd.

New York, United States of America


'Our Business is Commercial-Retail Planning and De
UK and 20 other countries worldwide
known for the 'Retail success by Design'® planning
Shopping Centers
Airport Terminals
Convention Centers
Retail Environments (Luxury Jewelry & Fashion Bou
Department Stores
Hospitality (Resort Hotels
Boutique Hotels
etc) and Medical facilities (Medical Clinics
Nursing Homes
Centers for Geriatric Care
etc). We are known for creating an experience for
call us at 855-274-8762 or message us at design@br


Professional experience for Avery Bateman

  • Current 17 years and 10 months, since Dec 2005

    Managing Director, New York office

    Britsma Design Group Ltd.

    I am the New York office General Manager for Britsma Design Group. We are an award winning multidisciplinary international commercial planning and design group. Our practical “Design Ideas Deliver Results on Target.”©. Voted one of the top 50 International Design Firms 9 years in a row. With offices in Toronto, New York, London, Zurich and Sydney serving our clients’ design needs worldwide.


  • English



We are looking for commercial developer groups & private groups
retail store chains & mom-pop single operations
investor groups of commercial
hospitality and retail developments that look for maximizing the return on their investment ventures on their custom designed commercial/retail/hospitality/medical development(s). Also
we are open for partnerships with other Architects & Architectural Firms on their projects in their countries so we assist them achieve their projects end success using our know how and experience. We know Retail. We-R-Retail. Since 1980 leading the pack of the retail planners & designers worldwide with our innovative forward thinking design ideas
we have been setting the trend for the retail & commercial industry worldwide. Since 1980 we have been constantly studying consumer trends worldwide adapting our design thinking and directions accordingly often throwing off the copy-cats in our industry who are constantly playing "catch-up" with our group. Since 1980
we have the experience and the knowledge in what it takes to execute the planning & design of a commercial/retail development "ON TIME - ON TARGET - ON BUDGET". Using our effective and innovative planning and design ideas
our techniques & our quirks
our design professionals deliver to our clients worldwide and in the same degree a successful end to their ventures planning and design with at most maximum results. Don't take our word on it. Our website @http://jewelrystoredesign.com/testim.htm you will find most of our clients names and contact info and what they say about us. Read their comments
call them and ask questions. BUT
if you are a competitor of theirs and you are planning to enter their market
do not expect a friendly reception if our last project with them was executed in less than two years from the day you contact them. You see
to all our clients
not alone we give a written warranty for the achieving the least of their sales goals but we give them a TWO YEARS protection from their competitio


Preservation of Historical buildings and cultures
Archaeology and antiquities
ancient civilizations
serving the best interests of the communities where we contact our business in
multi-culture societies and preservation of their uniqueness
road rally car races
the Olympic games.

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