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attocube systems AG has an international reputation for innovation, precision and excellence in the broad field of nanotechnology applications. The company was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from the CeNS (Center for NanoScience) at the Ludwig-Maximilian University, one of Germany’s top universities. The groundbreaking innovation was the development of ultra-compact, nano-precise positioning devices, which were – for the first time ever - adaptable for extreme conditions such as cryogenic temperatures, ultra high vacuum environments and the highest magnetic fields. attocube has two branch offices in the US: in New York and in Berkeley, San Fransisco.

In addition, attocube develops and produces a broad range of scanning probe microscopes used in fundamental research and materials science. Another significant segment of the portfolio is attocube’s first class sensor solutions. Just like the nanopositioners, these sensors are used in a variety of industrial applications, such as the semiconductor industry, micromachining, life sciences and telecommunications.

attocube has already won prestigious prizes and awards, the most important ones being the Bavarian Innovation Award (2006), the German Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurs (2008), and the TOP100 Innovation Award (2013).

attoMOTION | piezo drive solutions

attocube’s business unit “attoMOTION” focuses on the design, manufacturing, and distribution of piezo-driven motors and positioning solutions.  

attoSENSORICS | nanoprecise interferometry solutions

The “attoSENSORICS” department has successfully engineered a fiber-optic displacement sensor coping with ever increasing industrial quality standards and the scientific need for traceable measurement tools.

attoLAB | research microscopes & cryostats

The “attoMICROSCOPY & CRYO” department develops cutting edge research instrumentation, offering a wide range of cryogenic scanning probe microscopes (SPM) and highly efficient research cryostats.

At attocube we believe in challenging the status quo in ultimate precision. We have a passion for elegant and inspiring solutions addressing emerging needs in technology. Being one of the most innovative companies worldwide, we want to contribute to the understanding of today's fundamental questions and strive to expand the limits of what is technically possible. All our products are developed, designed and produced at the headquarters in Munich. Our international team of physicists, engineers, chemists, IT-experts and designers works closely with our customers, to meet market requirements and detect future trends. The permanent dialogue between the different disciplines creates a vital climate of innovation.

Our ambitious goals need exceptional people who are keen on looking beyond existing boundaries: we currently employ over 90 employees from more than 15 countries and are growing further. We offer an open-minded and inspiring atmosphere in a dynamic, international & highly motivated team and expect a high level of commitment.

We are constantly looking for brilliant people. If you feel you can enrich our team with your qualifications, please send us your resume.