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About us

Berlin Bilingual School offers affordable, high-quality education for English-German bilingual families.

The school provides a stimulating learning environment from grades 1 – 13 that nurtures the spirit of inquiry and challenges pupils to develop their unique set of talents and skills.  A student-centered approach encourages pupils to take charge of their learning process and become creative, independent thinkers. 

The hallmark of our community is teamwork and cooperation among students, staff and parents.  Our school is a welcoming community that promotes values of respect, diversity, and responsibility.

We inspire a joy for life-long learning and a passion for engagement that will empower our students as local and global citizens to take their place in the world.


Our Primary School (grades 1 - 6) is normally located at Weinstraße 1 in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

 Our Secondary School (grades 7-13) is located at Kandinsky House, Rudolf-Baschant-Straße in Berlin-Weissensee.

From April 2017 to September 2018 the Primary School is temporarily located at Kandinsky House whilst the school building in Weinstrasse is undergoing extensive renovation work.


Welcome to the Berlin Bilingual School, a unique and vibrant school in one of the most exciting cities in the world. I am delighted to be leading a school with dedicated, committed and hard-working teachers and Erzieher.

We provide a challenging bilingual curriculum for children whose families have settled in Berlin. As a school we seek to take our pupils and students on a journey of educational and personal development, a journey which harnesses the merits of bilingual German and English education, celebrates cultural diversity and instills a love for learning. We encourage our pupils to be curious about and open to the world around them, become independent thinkers and be ready and prepared to be challenged and challenge themselves in preparation for what the future may hold for them.

We prepare our students for German as well as international qualifications. Our students work hard to achieve their academic goals but as important as academic progress is the personal development of our students and the pastoral care we provide for every child. We encourage every child to follow their own interests, develop and share their talents and pursue other interests in order to allow them to become well-rounded people. Teachers and Erzieher at Berlin Bilingual School work together to support every child in the school during their time here to ensure they reach their full potential.

Visitors often comment on how special Berlin Bilingual School feels when they visit and the school’s happy, welcoming, warm yet purposeful atmosphere. This is exactly the aim of the school, to provide an environment in which children learn, are allowed to develop and explore and where all members of the community treat each other with courtesy, kindness and respect.

Marcus Waltl

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