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Über uns

As spin-off from a research program at the University of St. Gallen, CDQ offers unique expertise on strategic, organizational, and technical aspects of data- and information management for more than 10 years:
  • Consulting Services: We support our customers throughout the entire life cycle of information management – from design phase to operational excellence . Our methods and solutions have been implemented successfully in more than 100 projects by leading global companies. 
  • Expert Community & Research Network: Our data community, with a history of more than 10 years, embraces  in-depth expert knowledge as well as inquisitiveness for new trends 
  • Corporate Data League -  Collaborative Data Management: Our platform rethinks the way business partner data is managed in nowadays world. The CDL offers state of the art technology for high quality data.

Sustainable and trustful relations with our customers and partners constitute the understanding of our services.
The company headquarters remains in St. Gallen, where we keep our close relations to innovation and developments in the area of information management