About us

A Company Built With Passion

Established in 2010, CertCore is a software house that attracts passionate and dedicated specialists and treats all its customers equally, regardless of the amount of work they bring.

Open communication, honesty, straightforwardness and transparency lie at the top of our priority list in all of our partnerships. We strongly encourage a proactive attitude and regular, constructive bidirectional feedback.


To exceed the expectations of all of our stakeholders with the flexible yet effective system we have put in place, with the quality of our deliverables and of the work environment we created, as well as with the care and respect with which we treat them all.

Flexibility and Transparency

The engagement models you can opt for while working with CertCore are fixed price, time and materials and extended (dedicated) near-shore or offshore teams. These teams would be completely and perfectly integrated into yours and fully adjusted to your processes and tools. By swiftly adjusting to your needs we end up fully integrating our developers with your teams in the shortest time possible and surprising you with the quality of our deliveries and the seamless communication and reporting processes.

By understanding and respecting the core values of our clients and adopting their procedures and tools we ensure smooth and rapid team integration and results that often exceed expectations. Openness and frankness about all the operational and software development issues have been contributing greatly to building trust with our customers and brought us significant competitive advantages.

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