deltaconX - unifying regulatory compliance

About us

deltaconX is a full service provider catering for European Financial & Energy Market participants enabling our customers to meet various regulatory requirements such as:

• FinfraG

Through full automation and dynamic error handling, reporting processes are massively simplified, minimising manual work and human errors.

By removing the need to delegate e.g. ETDs deltaconX allows users to gain full control over all reporting processes across:

• Corporate groups
• Source systems
• Asset classes
• Transaction types
• Reporting channels

 Our powerful rules engine permits users to configure the most complex internal delegation scenarios such as company structures, making us the most flexible solution in the market.

By supporting CPML, the de-facto „standard“ in commodities market and a variety of APIs, deltaconX allows an effortless system implementation into your existing trading environment. The predefined Excel interface we offer is especially beneficial to smaller market participants by eliminating the need for potentially costly integration projects.

Our service is provided at the highest security standards possible from certified data centres, which meet the Swiss financial regulator guidelines for banking outsourcing including guaranteed data location in Switzerland.

Here at deltaconX we harness technology to make regulatory compliance processes easier, faster and more cost effective by offering All-inclusive packages, which include all related costs for Reporting channels incl. Membership and Transaction fees.
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