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Innotrade GmbH

About us

Innotrade is an IT service company in Herzogenrath, NRW, Germany. Innotrade provides smart products, services and technologies for collecting, managing and marketing knowledge, for managing requirements, for strategy and planning systems, to analyze and evaluate solutions and their continuous innovation using machine-based learning.

Software development is assisted by intelligent machines based on digitized requirements and knowledge. Innotrade drives the transition from a manual implementation of code to a specification of business processes using cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies in order to increase the productivity of software life-cycles and to optimize the quality of software as a product or service.

Machines continuously learn from big data, simulation and user feedback and gain experience and expertise for best practices. While software developers synergistically cooperate with machines as intelligent assistants and gain space for creativity and innovation, users benefit from higher quality and optimal customer-tailored solutions in less time at lower prices.
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