Parakar Germany GmbH

About us

The Parakar Group is an employment services organisation offering a wide spectrum of services in the domain of globally outsourced HR- and payroll management.

Regardless of how you qualify your requirement (Employer of Record Service, Umbrella Workpermit- or Payroll Service, Professional Employment Outsourcing, or one of its many but only slightly dissimilar concepts):

Our focus is on providing solutions to organisations and individuals to compliantly engage in working relationships that not only cross geographical borders and cultures, but also help bridge statutory and employment-legal contexts.

Our services cover the areas of outsourced employment management, HR-consulting and -management, payroll- and expenses-accounting, work permit process management, relocation services, and many, many more related subjects.

Our clients typically want to expand their business to Europe by employing the right people in the country of destination (or sending them there), while being based on all continents. For these clients we provide umbrella employment services, making sure that their employees can comfortably and care-free can carry out their work in the designated countries.

Often, once our clients established a successful business, we help them take the next steps in their business expansion by setting up and managing their own entities on their behalf.

The Parakar Group was founded in The Netherlands around the turn of the millennium by Johan Opperman, having had a preceding career at various companies in north-west Europe. It has since rapidly expanded into its present form.

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