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We deliver tailor-made computational solutions all around fluid dynamics.

Committed to developing no-nonsense results we draw on our wide range of experience in both scientific and industrial environments to design simulations for complex flows:

  • of liquids or gases
  • through pipes, instruments and machines
  • around objects (from integrated circuits to vehicles and buildings,... )
  • of free surface and mixing phenomena
  • including phase change and heat transfer, chemical reactions and moving geometries

We create solutions with and for you. The combination of cutting edge technology and the versatility of a small team of experts allow us to work cost effectively, fast and customized to each and every case.

Rheologic combines professional project processing and the most modern methods in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

Our team merges specialized competence in scientific problem solving and years of experience in the field as well as the agility and the pragmatism that is necessary to succeed in international industrial environments.

Advances in the development of hard- and software allow us to broadly apply scientific basics for many problems in an economic way:

Product development
We offer CFD for product development, like simulation of external flows around objects, calculation of pressure drop and distribution of velocities in machines and plants, heat exchange for all temperature ranges and all sizes of geometries and much more...

This approach saves time and money in product development, by reducing work in prototyping. The application of CFD-simulations allows you to produce only the minimum in prototypes and reduces costly experiments.

The optimisations yielded from CFD-simulations are especially cost effective and comparatively fast when avoiding down-time in production or when the experimental or mechanical accessibility is not possible in a complex plant / machine.

How can you benefit from our expertise?
Whenever you deal with flowing gases, fluids and heat transfer and are asking yourself whether there is room for improvement the answer most likely is: yes!

We tell you how.