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Über uns

SYTOSS is a software development company based in Kharkov, Ukraine. 
We are active on international market in Western and Eastern Europe and we also have a wealth of experience working with American and Israeli companies. 
Working tightly in an international environment, communicating with people from everywhere around the world, all led by a single idea of making the best out of everyone's efforts - this is what cultivated our dedication to what Customer needs, to what we do and to what we can proudly see as a result of our work. 
Through a decade, working in a complex competitive corporate environment, we've learned that a relatively small company, with our attitude to building quality software really satisfying our Customer's needs, may achieve better results than a much bigger vendors and system integrators. Needless to say that it is also a way less expensive for our Customers.
We provide full range of the software development and integration services with our main focus set forth the Telecommunications Billing and BSS sectors, including:
  • Gathering requirements
  • Building architecture
  • Creating solution
  • Preparing detailed technical design for in-house and 3rd party development teams
  • Sketching and implementing GUI design
  • Coding
  • Conducting Quality Assurance services for in-house or 3rd party systems and modules, including module, system, regression, E2E test cycles
  • System Integration services (research, analysis, solution)
  • Data Migration (3rd party systems research and analysis, preparing migration strategy and solution, developing migration tools and performing migration)
  • Change management
  • Adaptive and flexible project management
  • Maintenance and ongoing support