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CloudBeesposted an update18 September 2015
Orbitz adopted continuous delivery to accelerate the software delivery process and make it more efficient. In implementing continuous delivery, Orbitz has automated testing, ensured reliable builds and increased build consistency across the organization. “By making our process more efficient and adopting continuous delivery practices with the CloudBees Jenkins Platform, we have cut our release times in half, and then cut them in half again,” said Jacob Tomaw, principal engineer at Orbitz. “Ad...
CloudBeesposted an update16 September 2015
The market for CD solutions has exploded, as IT teams transform to CD and DevOps practices to be able to respond quickly to business and market demands. With the explosion in adoption of CD, the use of Jenkins has also grown significantly. New, streamlined technologies that Jenkins supports – such as containerization and microservices – have also enabled CD practices based on Jenkins to become even more advanced. Read more here: ...

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CloudBees ist der Hub für Enterprise Jenkins und DevOps und bietet Unternehmen intelligente Lösungen zur Beschleunigung der Entwicklung und Lieferung der Software, die ihr Geschäft antreibt. Wir haben Jenkins, die beliebteste und zuverlässigste Plattform für automatisierte Software-Integration, genommen und Sicherheit,...

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