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Packaging facilities encounter numerous challenges related to mass customization and varying requirements. See how these are solved with IO-Link Wireless: #machinery #packaging #packagingindustry #materials #manufacturing #productdesign #additivemanufacturing #innovation #beverages #food #foodandbeverage #packagingsolutions
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“The key to a good IIOT system is being able to converge IT and OT in such a way that communication flows seamlessly and works flawlessly at all levels of the factory.” Read the full article on Internet of Business and learn how IO-Link Wireless enables this convergence: #operationaltechnology #iiot #industrialdesign #industrialengineering #manufacturing #wirelesscommunications #engineers #ieee #c...

IIOT: The Wireless Convergence of IT & OT in the Industry 4.0 Era | Internet of Business

February 22, 2021 Gabi Daniely, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at CoreTigo Technological developments and innovations are key to major industry leaps, yet do not evolve at the same pace in all fields.  IT has advanced significantly over time at several levels, including wireless communication such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular, and in recent years […]
IIOT: The Wireless Convergence of IT & OT in the Industry 4.0 Era | Internet of Business
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A big thanks to all participants in our IO-Link Wireless Workshop – Getting Started with TigoStarter. Please reach out to Amit Garay at if you have any questions regarding the technology or TigoStarter Kits. You can view the recording at any time via the link below. #workshop #webinar #industry40 #industrial #wireless #factoryautomation #automation #engineering #manufacturing #iolink #factoryautomation #fabrikautomation #iolinkwireless #automa...

IO Link Wireless Workshop – Getting Started with TigoStarter

IO-Link Evaluation Kit Workshop - Learn how to power up the kit and easily ramp up an IO-Link Wireless evaluation environment. This workshop features: • The main features and benefits of IO-Link Wireless • How to set-up an IO-Link Wireless Development / Evaluation environment • How to get started with TigoStarter Evaluation and Development Kits • Q&A from the
IO Link Wireless Workshop – Getting Started with TigoStarter

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CoreTigo is unbinding the industrial space by providing high-performance IO-Link Wireless communication solutions for machine builders, system integrators and industrial equipment manufacturers. CoreTigo’s products enable the design and retrofit of machines and production lines that were not possible before. These solutions increase flexibility, ad

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