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Epista Life Science
Epista Life Scienceposted an update12 October 2023
How well is your document management system working for you? Bilthoven Biologicals asked themselves this exact question after implementing Veeva. And what did they find? That they could make their new quality system even better with a little help from the team at Epista. Together, the team at BBio (including Martijn Huijbreghs and Natasja Dros) and Epista: - Challenged current and future requirements - Focused on creating measureable resulta - Applied best practices - And more In the end, BBi...
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Epista Life Science
Epista Life Scienceposted an update15 February 2023
Building the right team can be the reason your implementation project succeeds 🏆 - or fails 🛑. Our experience tells us that the best team often includes: 1. You (the business) 2. The System vendor 3. An Implementation partner By working together and including these 3 groups in the project, you will create one joint and knowledgeable team to help cover every aspect of your system implementation. Looking for an implementation partner to join your team? If you think Epista could be the right fit ...
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Epista Life Science
Epista Life Scienceposted an update11 October 2022
We value our clients' feedback. That's why we are honored to receive such kind words from one of our clients. Making a positive impact on the Life Science industry is part of our vision, so not much makes us happier than to see this dream become reality. Want to learn more about how we work with companies to impact the way they do business? Check out our case stories:

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Epista Life Science ist ein Beratungsunternehmen, das sich der kontinuierlichen Verbesserung der Einhaltung gesetzlicher Bestimmungen verschrieben hat. Unser Ziel ist es, Compliance-Hindernisse in Geschäftsmöglichkeiten für unsere Kunden und für die Industrie umzuwandeln. Klavs Esbjerg wollte bei der Gründung des...

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