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iBehave Network
iBehave Networkposted an update3 days ago
📢 Join us for "The Graduate Grindset - Mental Health Awareness" Event from #iBehave on April 25, 2024. 🧠 In academia, discussions on mental health often remain muted. This even seeks to change that narrative by providing a safe space for early-career scientists to share experiences and resources, fostering open dialogue and support. ✨ Event Overview: Featuring four speakers from diverse career stages, each sharing their perspective on the topic. A panel discussion will follow, encouraging audi...
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iBehave Network
iBehave Networkposted an update2 April
🌟 News: AMA session! Join us for an insightful Ask Me Anything (AMA) session featuring Dr. Björn Scholz, Senior Data Scientist at T-Mobile! 🚀 We are excited to welcome Dr. Björn Scholz, who will be sharing his valuable expertise and career journey beyond academia. His insights promise to be enlightening for all participants! 📅 Save the Date: April 24, 2024 🕚 Time: 11:00 AM 🔗 Register by April 17: Meeting details will be sent to the registered participants...
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iBehave Network
iBehave Networkposted an update22 March
📢 iBehave Lecture Announcement! Join us for the next lecture in the iBehave Seminar Series 2024 featuring Dr. Panayiota Poirazi on April 5th at 12 pm! 🔬 Speaker: Dr. Panayiota Poirazi from Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (IMBB) 🎙️ Title: 'Dendritic contributions to learning in biological and artificial networks' 🌟 Host: Theodore Tamiolakis, PhD student of Prof. Dr. Michael Wenzel from University Clinic Bonn 📅 Date and Time: April 5, 2024, at 12 pm 📍 Location: Lecture Hall ...
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