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Invibes advertising
Invibes advertisingposted this article16 November 2020
Nicolas Pollet, Mitgründer und CEO von Invibes, spricht im Interview mit über die internationale Expansion von Invibes und die Bedeutung von Online-Werbung während des Lockdowns:
Invibes advertising
Invibes advertisingposted this article4 February 2020
#Technology is our DNA. For the best results, we make sure that it's managed only by top AI engineers, programmers, and experts. Wanna be part of the #Invibes team?

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At Invibes we believe that the future of brand advertising is digital, as ad dollars follow eyeballs. However, for this to happen, new formats and targeting technologies are required to get the most out of unique digital capabilities. The fundamental realization here is that the digital brand advertising of the future will...

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