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Matterwayposted this article11 January 2019
BOOM: Productive Mobile is rebranding to Matterway. Find out why: What an incredible year it has been, what an incredible year is yet to come - a massive thank you to all our customers, team and partners! Wishing you the best possible start into the year 2019!

Introducing Matterway: The story behind our rebrand

Learn why we’ve changed our name to Matterway from Productive Mobile — and why it’s big news for our customers, who we’re now helping boost productivity in new ways.
Introducing Matterway: The story behind our rebrand

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Matterway helps employees be more productive.   We do it by simplifying the applications they use at work, to make them more like the applications they use in their personal lives. This means reducing screen clutter and making the right decision easier to see. It means integrating workflows and data flows across siloed...

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