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MiGenTra GmbH
MiGenTra GmbHposted an updateToday
Take the opportunity to meet us at BioEurope 2022 [EBD Group] in Leipzig, Germany, October 24-26, 2022! Frederic Bouvier, MSc, MBA, Head Corporate Development, BD & Licensing at MiGenTra is looking forward to discuss (y)our project face-to-face and meet you at the ProBioGen booth 63. Request a meeting via the BIO Europe platform ➡️ or email: !
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MiGenTra GmbH
MiGenTra GmbHposted an update16 September
To complete our portfolio with biosimilars, cell and gene therapy as well as this post series we end with the last of three modalities - the vaccines. ➡️ Vaccines, a local end-to-end manufacturing hub. 💡 We are positioned to partner with global players as local manufacturing hub and gateway to Africa and the middle east.
MiGenTra GmbH
MiGenTra GmbHposted an update9 September
Our second product group beyond biosimilars are cell and gene therapy. ➡️ CGT, at the frontier of innovation. 💡 We are collaborating with world-renowned organizations to make these ground-breaking treatments affordable to patients in Africa and the Middle East. Don’t miss next week's post, we will end this series with the last modality.

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MiGenTra is a healthcare transforming medicines company, and a subsidiary of ProBioGen, with a focus on high quality medicines at affordable prices. The company allows for product development in the field of Biosimilars, Cell- and Gene Therapies and vaccines especially for Egypt, the Middle East and Africa, and will therefore provide access to key

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