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ngworx.agposted an update-1 days ago
Changing interface configs without the remote console can be highly stressful; one wrong move and it'll take hours to return the device in a working state. That's why knowing how config sessions work on Arista EOS is vital; it'll help you spend less time on the process with minimal errors. Learn more about it here. 👨🏻‍💻✨ #ngworx #arista #eos #networkengineering #engineering

Arista EOS Config Sessions -

Do you know that feeling when changing interface configs on that device without remote console in the data center 200 km away? If something goes wrong it may take hours […]
Arista EOS Config Sessions -
ngworx.agposted an update6 days ago
We are pleased to announce that ngworx has been acquired by BKW Building Solutions AG. We look forward to a common future and a successful cooperation!🥂🎉 #newsalert #ngworx #bkw #networkengineer #engineering #future
ngworx.agposted an update31 May
Ever heard of Freifunk? It's a non-commercial initiative to provide free WiFi to communities. You can participate in this initiative by donating some of your bandwidth; all you need to do is have a compatible router and a proper setup. Our network engineer Pietro Stäheli discusses it more in this brief guide. 👨🏻‍💻✨ #ngworx #mist #juniper #networkengineering #engineering

Freshen up your Mist with Freifunk -

At the beginning of the first COVID lockdown in early 2020, our partner Juniper made us an offer to join a series of short webinars showing off their new acquisition […]
Freshen up your Mist with Freifunk -

Ngworx supports telecom operators, service providers and large enterprises to efficiently design and integrate innovative networking solutions and services.

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