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One World Consulting Group


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One World Consulting Group
One World Consulting Groupposted an update6 September 2013
Look for ways to innovate new ways of doing things in your job that create greater efficiencies and results in greater productivity. Innovate to not only help you do your job better, but innovate for the betterment of your team and company.
One World Consulting Group
One World Consulting Groupposted an update30 August 2013
This is one of the most talked about interview questions out there..the dilemma for all job seekers is how do you answer this. Join our Career Portal today and we will coach you through how to answer that most dreaded question
One World Consulting Group
One World Consulting Groupposted an update16 August 2013
One of the key services we are offering is something I have termed Career Insurance, this is a membership for Technology Professionals in Seattle, Luxembourg, London and Toronto that takes care of their basic career maintenance requirements, services include: (Assisting with keeping resumes up-dated and current, Assisting with keeping an up-dated and current LinkedIn profile, Assisting with keeping a current and growing business network, ensuring that you are kept up-to date on new opportunities...

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One World Consulting Group is a global technology consulting company that focuses on providing advisory services to the technology staffing industry; direct hire services to companies that are looking to fill open permanent technology positions; consulting and solutions services to companies looking to supplement their...

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