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Origami Engineering


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Origami Engineering
Origami Engineeringposted an update26 April 2022
We are online!! We've worked hard, sometimes long hours after business hours, but we are today so proud! Our new website, with a lot of information and details, is ready to be used. Worth visit Special thanks to OTO Agency and Giorgio Ghisalberti and to all our partners Gestão Origami, Consultoria em Negócios Sustentáveis, Borderland Partners LLC, Clerium, Maurizio Boni, CAC Consultoría Ahorro de Costes, Green Compass Research, 1000e20, WePower, N-Strategy Consulting Ser...
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Origami Engineering
Origami Engineeringposted an update15 April 2022
May your business thrive and prosper. We'll soon have great news for you. Stay tuned! #wisebusiness #noheadaches #origamiengineering
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In business, to handle new ideas and test their feasibility, or bring them to fruition, you cannot ask the first one passing by. You have to contact your Business Development Consultant.  We propose and submit to clients' evaluation operational plans to implement their idea, and we will operate as if you were to lead things...

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