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Prospective Instruments
Prospective Instrumentsposted an update17 January 2022
Meet the Prospective Instruments team at #SPIE #BiOS and #PhotonicsWest. Starting on January 22, 2022 in San Francisco. Visit our booth and get a sneak preview of the redesigned #MPXseries #multiphoton microscopes, #MPCseries customized #multiphoton microscopes and #FSXseries #femtosecond lasers. And chat with our team about our #inhouse #Imagingservices. We are looking forward to meet you in person! #ProspectiveInst #microscopy
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Prospective Instruments
Prospective Instrumentsposted an update7 January 2022
This week's amazing #multiphoton z-stack of 3D nano-printed scaffold imitating native lung tissue sourrounded by lung cells, made with our #MPX1040 microscope (20x, 0.75 NA, FOV 600 µm, z-stack: stepsize 3 µm). Overlay of 2P-460 nm (Hoechst, blue), 2P-542nm (Rose Bengal, green) and 2P-595 nm (Phalloidin-ATTO-490LS, red). You can see the cell nuclei (blue), scaffold structure (green) and the stained actin filaments of A549 lung cells (red). Cells were kindly provided by Amelie Erben supervised ...
Prospective Instruments
Prospective Instrumentsposted an update31 December 2021
Happy New Year to all of you on this #FluorescenceFriday! 🌈🍀🎉 Thanks to all of you helping to find our best image 2021. Today we are proud to announce the winner: A - this maximum intensity projection of the bee made with our #mesospim #lightsheet setup got most of the votes. #ProspectiveInst #microscopy
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Advanced Multimodal Microscopy

Prospective Instruments is a start up located in Dornbirn, Austria, and Regensdorf, Switzerland. Our goal is it to provide the research and clinical community with a turn-key, flexible, modular and highly compact multimodal imaging platform. We believe all researchers, scientists and clinicians should have access to high...

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