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Qubitposted this article11 May 2015
What if you could predict which of your customers is most likely to leave, and change their minds by delivering a truly tailored and amazing customer experience that they can't help but shout about. Join our 30 minute webinar to learn from Conversion.com and Qubit how you can turn your visitor data into gold. http://www.qubit.com/webinar/increase-customer-retention-predictive-modelling?utm_campaign=Q2%2FQ3%20Growth%20Webinar%20Series&utm_content=14548702&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin
Qubitposted this article5 February 2015
We’re happy to announce that we’ll be at eTail Germany this year. Our CEO Graham Cooke will be speaking alongside Melanie Kyrklund, Head of Site Optimisation at Staples, the world’s largest office retailer. Join our session to find out how the right approach to personalisation can create a more engaging customer experience, and give retailers insights into predicting future consumer behaviour, leading to increased sales and measurable bottom line results.They’ll explain the practical steps n...

Qubit ist der führende Anbieter von Softwarelösungen für hoch überzeugende Echtzeit-Personalisierung im E-Commerce. Mit der Personalisierungsplattform von Qubit verwandeln erfolgsorientierte Marken in den Bereichen Einzelhandel und Touristik fortlaufend die Art und Weise, in der sie ihre Kunden verstehen und sie individuell...

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