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SpenglerFoxposted an update5 days ago
SpenglerFox turns 20 today 🥂 "Today marks an important milestone in the history of our company - our 20th anniversary! It is a momentous occasion that we are extremely proud of. Over the past two decades, we have evolved from being the premier brand name within a larger Recruitment group to an independent, top global 40 player. We have faced many challenges along the way, but we have always emerged stronger and more resilient. This is a testament to the unwavering commitment of our team, the lo...
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SpenglerFoxposted an update8 May
The Hunt Scanlon Media annual search firm rankings are out, and SpenglerFox and its affiliate network once again reached the Global Top 40. “As we continue to position ourselves as the leading supplier of agile human capital solutions worldwide, SpenglerFox and our network of highly accredited affiliate partners across the globe cannot be more proud to retain our ranking as a Global 40 search firm, but we are even more pleased to be listed on the inaugural Top 40 EMEA search firm ranking by the ...
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SpenglerFoxposted an update25 April
As a leader, having the ability to adapt and change course quickly is crucial for success. That's why leadership agility is so important. It means having a clear sense of direction and being able to pivot when needed. With the ever-evolving business landscape, leaders need to be agile in their decision-making, communication, and approach to problem-solving. By being adaptable, leaders can navigate through obstacles and continue moving towards their goals. So if you want to be an effective leader...
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Talent, grown.

The #1 provider of agile human capital solutions worldwide. Executive Search, RPO, Leadership Advisory, Interim Management - whatever drives you, we have you covered.

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