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Target Training GmbH
Target Training GmbHposted this article26 June 2014
Make sure to check out our blog with helpful tips on emails, presentations, virtual teams, etc. We update it each week with topics that help you communicate more effectively with colleagues abroad!
Target Training GmbH
Target Training GmbHposted this article10 October 2013
On Saturday 5 October Jennie Wright spoke at the ESP (English for Specific Purposes) conference in Ulm, Germany on behalf of Target Training. Participants were from Germany, Greece, England, America, Austria and Switzerland. The theme of the talk was "Using our learners’ work documents to create English language style guides". The goal of the talk was to encourage other Business English trainers to work more closely with their learners’ work documents to help enhance their learners’ writing ...

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Seit 1994 schenken uns unsere Kunde das Vertrauen, ihre Mitarbeiter für den internationalen Markt und  internationale Geschäftsbeziehungen weiterzubilden. Egal ob ein einzelner Trainer eingesetzt wird oder an mehreren Standorten gleichzeitig Seminare durchgeführt werden: Unsere Trainingslösungen sind praktisch und passen sich...

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