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think-cell Software
think-cell Softwareposted this article20 September 2018
Here is how think-cell helps you create and edit beautiful charts and slides in minutes. Watch our brand-new video and learn why more than 650,000 professionals trust in think-cell every day.
think-cell Software
think-cell Softwareposted this article14 June 2018
Our team members come from all over the world! We know that our success is based on their skills and dedication. Therefore, we maintain a welcoming and friendly working environment that makes exceptional people come and stay. We are always looking for independent bright people with strong analytical and interpersonal skills to strengthen our growing business. You can apply no matter your background or how many years of experience you have! Discover our open positions: https://www.think-cel ...
think-cell Software
think-cell Softwareposted this article14 June 2018
We are working on revolutionizing the way presentations are made, reinventing the user interface and largely automating the slide layout. At the same time, we integrate our product into Microsoft Office, which means reverse-engineering and disassembling the innards of Microsoft’s code. And we do this all based on our very large, home-grown C++ library. We are highly profitable, so we can give our team the time and resources to write beautiful code. Plus, we have no meetings or deadlines. R...

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think-cell is the leading developer of graphics software to improve professional slide production in Microsoft PowerPoint. Our software automates the creation of charts and layouts to make working with PowerPoint easier, faster, and more enjoyable. More than 950,000+ users worldwide at 23,000+ companies rely on our software...

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