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Voskhodposted an update31 July 2021
Perception of creative concepts It often happens so that clients are scared to embrace bold creative ideas because they’re scared to lose their current audience. We performed qualitative research of how creativity is perceived in the territory of four countries – Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. The results indicate the following: if the audience is satisfied with the quality of a product, nothing will prevent it from buying it – no matter how absurd the ad is. Potential customers, o...
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Voskhodposted an update27 July 2021
Every year, we create 1-2 non-profit projects together with charity organizations. There are a lot more proposals but many of them remain at the level of virtual ideas. The organisations approaching us do not have human nor financial resources to implement those ideas. Often people contact us having certain deadlines, but the agency can work on the free projects only when it doesn't have other commitments and it can be difficult to meet the specific deadlines. Also what matters to us is a team t...
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Voskhodposted an update21 July 2021
We’ve talked about an interactive website our digital creative engineering department has developed to support the launch of The Dyatlov Pass TV-series release. The website allowed the user to either investigate the tragic event or vote for one of the existing versions of it. It was curious to learn that the biggest part of the audience roots for the version involving the KGB. Almost 1.5 thousand users believe the students from the Dyatlov touristic group unknowingly witnessed a special operati...
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