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Convoi Relocations

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Convoi is the leading specialist in Industrial and Project Relocations.

Industrial Relocations:
Imagine you’re about to relocate a printing press, your laboratory or a complete production line from one site to another, or from one country to another. Imagine you want high tech equipment or medical systems to be installed, or your injection molding machines to be removed. In Convoi you’ll find a professional in relocating, disassembling, packing, transportation and reassembling of equipment, machinery and production lines. Worldwide, turn key.

Expertise: printing industry, automotive industry, high-tech, labs, food, plastics, healthcare, petrochemicals.

Project Relocations:
Imagine moving to a new office housing with hundreds of people. Starting at 5 PM on a Friday and having the entire contents of the building moved by Monday 8 AM, with all the computers, servers and coffee machines in perfect working order. Or an entire hospital, including its patients, museums with priceless items, libraries with miles and miles of books, a warehouse with over 100,000 different product items. That’s Convoi's Project Relocations.

Expertise: offices, laboratories, warehouses, archives, libraries, museums, medical systems. (e.g. MRI scanners)

We operate world wide from branches in:
The Netherlands - Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Maastricht-Airport, Utrecht
United Kingdom - Belfast
Germany - Berlin, Hagen and Nuremberg
Slovakia - Bratislava
India - Pune

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