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Espresso Travel

Über uns

About us
Espresso Travel is a newly founded enterprise which operates by the website . We are developing travel portal with own booking engine according to the latest trends in travel industry and with no analogue in Bulgaria and the Balkan region. We offer to our customers the full specter of travel related and entertainment services at reasonable prices. A social travel network will be integrated in the portal to give rise to a society with good sense for traveling!

Our team
Our team is our most valuable resource. Each of the co-founders and employees brings to the company a background of accomplishments and deep experience. We are experts in business ventures development, travel and general technologies, online sales and marketing, tour operating.

We would like to provide our customers with the best value services in friendly safe and easy way. We aim to put together a wide range of comprehensive services, constantly updated with competitive bids fitting all needs.

- Customized technology empowered
- Deep knowledge in travel industry
- Dedicated team
- Effective business development
- User friendly
- Design state-of-the-art
- Eager to enhance our value in partnerships