About us

Impactory GmbH is a cutting edge solution provider working with Microsoft SharePoint and Office365.

We offers:
  • Business process optimization

    Step by step we analyze your business processes. No matter in which functional department or in which industry you work there is always room for improvement. What we offer is wide SharePoint expertise to optimize the course of your business. Through process automation you win time and your team becomes more productive

  • Set a course for SharePoint success

    It doesn’t matter how much or how little SharePoint experience you have - Impactory supports you during the entire life cycle. Do you plan to introduce SharePoint in your organization? We will be glad to help you make the right decision during planning and implementation phases. Do you already have SharePoint that needs a refresh? Impactory assists you in transforming the “Wild Wild West” into a well-organized and rule-based place for collaboration and social interaction.

  • Expertise matters

    Do you have experienced employees who are familiar with Microsoft server products, but they lack SharePoint Know-How and SharePoint Strategy? Impactory will back you up with an experienced SharePoint strategist, SharePoint architect or SharePoint generalist. This will ensure know-how transfer to your internal staff and ensure cost efficient operation during the learning phase

  • SharePoint and mobile use

    Mobile devices are everywhere and the desire for daily business conduction rises. With our assistance you will find an effective way to transform your business activities into the form suitable for mobile. By utilizing SharePoint features and brand new technologies we will help you control your daily business routines from any corner of the world

  • Route to and around the cloud

    Nowadays Microsoft pushes heavily towards cloud based services and many questions arise. Impactory will help you discover which questions are the right to be asked in your case. We will help you cope with information overload and make the right decisions

  • Future-proof and cost efficient 

    By applying best practices at each step of SharePoint implementation, placing and ensuring pragmatic and viable governance as well as involving diverse business users in the planning process, Impactory provides a well running SharePoint ecosystem. This approach saves you money and reduces the future expenses for keeping your SharePoint ecosystem healthy


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