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innotec Marketing GmbH

About us


innotec, a thinker and driver in modular BPO and sales services, enables „One-Stop Shopping“.

Depending on customers’ needs, service portfolio components* from 8 delivery locations worldwide will be combined with an individual and cost-sensitive full-service offering. In detail: more than 400 specialists in 28+ languages are the fundament for these scalable services.

Based on 20+ years of experience in methodology management and process know-how, innotecs’ delivery approach is based on three equal pillars: Quality - Reliability - Results. This combination leads to a high operative excellence and enables the combination of local end-to-end sales with nearshore BPO capabilities. All of these at very reasonable costs with no limitations in quality standards.

The modular BPO & Sales offering provides companies worldwide the variability to choose in which business process support is needed. From temporary sub-projects to entire core processes, the extended workbench services lead to an increase of efficiency and made innotec a trusted partner and advisor.

* Demand Generation/ Revenue Growth/ Back Office (accounts, payroll services)/ Data Services (Data Validation, Big Data Analysis)/ Customer Support (Help Desk, Tech-support)


innotec unites people with a passion for communication and sales as well as a keen interest in technology from all walks of life. 

Even if you are not a university graduate, you can still take advantage of our Sales Academy and training programmes to quickly and sustainably develop your level of sales and IT maturity. Working as a one-stop-shop service provider for business process outsourcing, we train and foster our entire team to quickly acquire these competencies so as to develop them further to sales and communication specialists.

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