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SKyPRO is an IT System Integrator and Software Manufacturer that provides security, infrastructure, and collaboration solutions as well as accompanying software products and custom programming in these areas.

With more than 25 years of practical knowledge in creating secure, stable and powerful IT infrastructure and more than 10 years of experience in engineering and implementing identity & access governance solution, SKyPRO is best-known value for reliable IT services. We know how to build and operate powerful, stable and efficient IT infrastructures.

Apart from our professional IT services, we offer specialized software products and custom programming in the areas of Identity & Access Governance and Unified Communication. We also offer integration modules, project, documentation, design and analysis tools, compliance and audit add-ons as well as role management products.

We focus on Identity and Access Governance solutions as well as on Security Solutions in banks, insurance companies, industry, public administrations, schools and service providers. We are a Platinum Partner of Micro Focus in Identity Access and Security.

Our offices are in Switzerland, USA, and Ukraine.