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SST Events Experiences

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Founded in Geneva in 1975 and active in France since 2004, SST EVENTS has more than 35 years of expertise in business travel and worldwide event organisation.
SST Events’ range of expertise covers 5 main sectors:

  • Internal and external communication consulting:

Internal: Seminars, Kick off and Kick on meeting / Conventions / Board of Directors/ Product launches / Parties, Awards Ceremonies / Anniversaries and jubilees / Team building

External: Road show / Symposium / Inaugurations / Sales promotions / B to B fairs / B to C stands / Congress / General Assembly / Conferences / Open Days

  • Communication consulting through travel: 

Incentive / PR trips / Sponsored trips

  • Pharmaceutical event consulting:

Sales seminars / Regional meetings / Congress / Symposium / Product launches / Incentives and sales challenges

  • Cultural travel consulting:

Music / Large cultural gatherings

  • Luxury and VIP travel consulting:

For small groups, we organize trips where everything has been designed and arranged to the very last detail, with high-level services, exclusive passes and rare destinations. 

The sky’s the limit to our imagination! Our teams are always searching for ways to make our events unparalleled by relying on a network of local service providers that have been selected to meet our highest requirements.