VoIP Much Phone Company Inc

About us

We are the VoIP Much Phone Company Inc. VoIP Much is a privately held Internet phone company, providing phone services over your broadband internet connection. This is also known as VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

With headquarters located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, VoIP Much provides phone services primarily to home and business customers across Canada and the United States. Our business services however, including conferencing and IVR, are provided globally.

Our principle business owners have been involved in both IT and Telecom for over 20 years each, bringing both a great deal of experience and expertise to VoIP Much.

Utilizing our own infrastructure, as well as peering with several carriers around the globe, VoIP Much can ensure quality phone services for your home, small or enterprise business.

If you have any questions about us, we invite you to drop us a message anytime, we would love to hear from you.

Visit us online at:

Or call us at:
  • CA/US Toll-Free: +1-855-711-VOIP (8647)
  • UK National: +44 20-3455-6515
  • Worldwide: +1-647-930-0982
  • iNum (www.inum.net): +883-5100-0112-0103

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