About us

Who are we?

trivago is a hotel search engine that empowers more than 120 million travelers every month to search for the ideal hotel. By using trivago, you can sift through over 900,000 hotel deals, from 250+ booking sites and hotel chains at once. When you have spotted your ideal hotel, you have the option to go directly to the booking site to complete your reservation. Our team of over 1000 creative and focused minds from all corners of the globe wake up every day to build a hotel search that is straightforward, simple-to-use and unbiased.


Who works at trivago?

trivago is a melting pot of various talents from across the globe. Some of us write code, others write blogs, but all-in-all we are here for the same reason – to get more out of life and to help empower others to get more out of theirs.


What is life at trivago like?

Life at trivago is comfortable while still being inspiring. It is a place where we take pride in learning from one another and making advancements toward simplifying the travel experience for millions of individuals around the world. We love what we do, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously — we make mistakes, but the drive to continually improve is something we all possess. We don’t believe in wasting time, but rather using our energy wisely. Learning may consist of spending time curling-up with a good book in our library, attending one of our trivago guest academies or joining one of our many sports teams after work — and we’re ok with that. In fact, we find it pretty important. We might be listening to a Buddhist monk one day and hosting a hackathon the next. 

This idea of expending energy wisely is also the reason we do not track vacation time, or how many hours are spent in the office. In the industry we work in we see no direct correlation between hours spent behind a desk and the value an idea can bring to the business or a project. Set working hours was a concept cemented by the industrial era, but in today’s tech world this method of measuring productivity seems outdated and irrelevant to us.


What makes trivago unique?

The concept behind how trivago as a company operates is not necessarily groundbreaking  or revolutionary, but rather organic and intuitive. We believe in creating a balanced, healthy and efficient working atmosphere with a focus on personal development. We have this idea that when you are challenging yourself and continually growing and learning as an individual, then happiness and success will come naturally.

We also believe that everyone has equal say and should feel comfortable and confident to have their voice heard. Crafting an environment that  facilitates open communication which is honest and authentic is paramount to us. 6 company values which help shape this unique environment we work in are:


We trust in in the potential of people — they are our main source of learning after all. We have seen that a successful business is strengthened by getting to know and trust those around you. We do a lot to facilitate open communication at trivago so that our conversations are straightforward, real, honest and raw. Trust is a big part of that, which is why it’s at the heart of our company.


It’s pretty clear to us that we accomplish more when we are comfortable in our surroundings and able to ourselves. We do not label or judge. We do not just accept you for who you are, but actively encourage you to be proud of who you are. By leaving our ego’s at the door, we allow ourselves to focus on developing our own way and from this comes personal development.

Entrepreneurial Passion

There is love in what we do — and they say when you love what you do, you add 5 days to your week. It’s what drives us, makes us crazy, and helps us to keep pushing the limits. The motivation to turn our ideas into actions and our commitment to work cannot be questioned. At the end of the day we are all entrepreneurs who just want to see the projects we love come to life.

Unwavering Focus

We try to focus on what's important, even if it means missing out on other opportunities. In a world of endless possibilities, it’s important to know how and when to make the right choices. We tend to put more energy into effort and efficiency, rather than perfection.

Power of Proof

Facts win. We are big believers in trial and error, and make sure that all of our actions are backed up with evidence. We take risks, but we wouldn't necessarily call ourselves risk takers as we are confident only in what is proven. If trivago is our playground, those who can prove their point have first dibs on the monkey bars. Placing proof above status helps to create a level playing field, so everyone has equal opportunity to make an impact.

Fanatic Learning

For us, learning is not a process, it’s an end goal. We know that we are never great, never wise, never done. We are rooted in self-improvement and make a point of sharing what we have learned so that we can continue to grow and be inspired — not just as individuals, but collectively as a team.

For someone coming from another country, why is trivago the right place to work? What can trivago offer to internationals?

trivago doesn't offer a typical European working atmosphere. Individuals from over 60 nations sitting together, speaking what we sometimes refer to as ‘trivoglish’ (i.e. a kind of adapted English based on all the different dialects and accents). As a result, no one, and everyone, is a bit lost in translation — but it means that everyone feels comfortable, ego isn't involved, and conversation is honest and real. Most of us are sitting together in Düsseldorf, Germany where trivago was founded and has grown from a small local neighborhood startup to what it is today. It might not be your typical tech hub, but it happens to be one of highest rated cities in the world in terms of quality of life.

And we believe in the value of having a good quality of life. We also believe in nurturing our newcomers and providing them with everything they need to get acquainted with their new surroundings. From an on-boarding introduction, (which consists of a week-long introductory course to the company) to social events to get to know one another, to searching for a flat, going through the visa process and understanding German paperwork — we’re here to help. 

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