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Angestellt, Non executive Board Member, ARVOS Group

München, Germany

About me

Global CEO & Leader Pepijn Dinandt Highly experienced and knowledgeable CEO with a 30-year track record of leading companies to create and deliver financial value to shareholders in challenging, transformational and disruptive situations. Global CEO & executive, chairman of the board and PE expert, with a track record for fast and solid financial results in transformations of B2B companies with industrial manufacturing. Since September 2022 part of the management team of the Eberspächer Group. ▪ Achieving an average of 72% Ebitda growth and improvement over an average four-year tenure in stressed market conditions ▪ Identification and implementation of short- and medium-term Ebitda and CF improvement potential through self-help initiatives ▪ Achievement of cost reductions in % of sales of approx. 15% on average ▪ Sales growth of 12% on average in the last three business segments


Business Transformation
Leadership Expertise
Experienced & seasoned exec leader for spec. sits
Team Development
Building materials
Mechanical & plant engineering
Electrical Engineering
Globally minded leader
Business Development
Entrepreneurial thinking & acting
Emotional intelligence & empathy
Focus on results
Transformation Expertise
Strategic vision
Ebitda growth
industrial manufacturing
cost reductions
Sales growth
Strategic realignment
non-operating cash generation
Asset Management
Financial turnaround
revenue growth
Strategic optimization
Swap of debt
cost-cutting programs
return to profitability
product revision
Project coordinator
Project Management
Business transformation
Interim Services
Great Leader Effect
business leadership
Business Coaching
Business assessment
CEO leadership
Analytical thinking
global entrepreneur
Team developer
Mergers & Acquisitions
corporate management
transformational leadership


Professional experience for Pepijn Dinandt

  • Current 2 months, since Apr 2024

    Senior Advisor for transformation and restructuring projects

    The Boston Consulting Group
  • Current 2 months, since Apr 2024

    Non executive Board Member

    ARVOS Group

  • Current 4 months, since Feb 2024

    Consultant and advisor to the managing partner for special projects

    Eberspächer Group

  • Current 2 years and 7 months, since Nov 2021

    Numerous guest appearances as Transformation Leadership expert on Podcasts

    BCG Six Questions, After Dinner Leadership, Lead to Succeed, etc.

    Numerous guest appearances as Transformation Leadership expert on Podcasts such as BCG Six Questions, After Dinner Leadership, Lead to Succeed, Maverick Paradox, Leadership Hacker and Leadership Bites as well as an interview with Thought Economics

  • Current 2 years and 10 months, since Aug 2021

    Founder & CEO

    Leadership Assistance & PPS GmbH

    - CEO, CTO & CRO for very demanding situations (also interim) - Board member, Support in M&A processes; DD support - Training and coaching in the area of transformational leadership

  • 1 year and 6 months, Sep 2022 - Feb 2024

    CEO Climate Control Systems and Automotive Controls (Interim)

    Eberspächer Group

    Eberspächer is driving the mobility of tomorrow – around the world. Together with a dedicated team we offer reliable automotive systems and components in the field of thermal management and automotive controls. The smart solutions provide comfort and safety, for all types of drive systems and vehicles, ranging from the classic combustion engine to the fully electric drive, and from passenger cars to special vehicles.

  • 11 months, Nov 2021 - Sep 2022

    Senior Advisor for Transformation and Restructuring projects

    The Boston Consulting Group
  • 1 year and 7 months, May 2020 - Nov 2021

    Writing and researching a book as co-author


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  • 3 years and 3 months, Dec 2016 - Feb 2020

    Chairman of the Supervisory Board & CEO

    Hilding Anders International AB

    - Strategic realignment and transformation of the company and the organization - Restructuring and cost reduction of €55 million - Significant gross non-operating cash generation from WC and asset management of €42 million - Refi in 10/2017 & Covenant Reset in 08/2019 - Financial turnaround as of 12/31/19 with Ebitda of €109 million, up from €96 million in 2016, and revenue growth from €880 million in 2016 to €1031 million in 2019

  • 1 year and 9 months, Feb 2016 - Oct 2017

    Chairman of the Supervisory Board & CEO


    - Transformation to a market focused profit center organization to maximize the profitability based on the individual market situations - Increase in Ebitda from €26 million in 2015 to over €60 million until 12/2017 - Revenue growth from approximately €400 million in 2015 to €450 million in the year 2017 - Successful exit through sale to Xella International (Lone Star) in 10/2017

  • 7 years and 7 months, Jul 2008 - Jan 2016

    CEO of the Group

    Braas Monier Building Group

    - Swap of debt for equity with a debt cut from €2 billion to €650 million in 2009 and Refi through a scheme of arrangement in 2014 - Savings of approximately €272 million through cost-cutting programs - Significant gross non-operating cash generation from WC, capex and asset management of > €150 million - Improvement in Ebitda from €110 million in 2008 to almost to almost €200 million at the end of 2015 - Sales growth from €1050 million in 2008 to approx. €1200 million at the end of 2015

  • 1 year and 3 months, Oct 2006 - Dec 2007

    Managing Director & CEO of the Plastics Engineering Division

    SMS group

    - Responsible for the restructuring, the return to profitability, carve out and the successful exit from the global Plastics Technology division (sales: €300 million) - Achieving an equity value of €94 million for the shareholder by generating an incremental Ebitda improvement of approx €20 million before selling the business

  • 4 years and 9 months, Jan 2002 - Sep 2006

    President and Managing Director

    Siemens AG / Mannesmann Plastics Machinery GmbH (MPM)

    - Restructuring and transformation of the group through a severe industry down turn to achieve best practice profitability levels - Management of the group by a full LBO by KKR (06/2002 - 05/2006) - Improvement of Ebitda from approx. € 90 million in 2002 to approx. €135 million in 2006 - Successful sale of the company to Madison Capital Partners in 05/2006

  • 3 years and 11 months, Feb 1998 - Dec 2001

    President of the Transformers Division

    Siemens AG Transformers

    - Transformation of the transformer division to a more agile and best practice player in the industry - Improvement of the division's EBIT by approx. three percentage points to approx. 9% by 2001 through benchmarking , restructuring, sales growth and product revision (from €30 million to €45 million)

  • 1 year and 9 months, Apr 1996 - Dec 1997

    Vice President Restructuring (holding level)

    Deutsche Babcock AG

    - Heading the group wide restructuring project with the banks and downsizing of loss making subsidiaries as well as supporting group wide implementation of the initiatives to create an incremental Ebitda improvement of €145 million to bring the group back to profit - Holding positions on the Management Board of several subsidiaries - Project coordinator of an internal team to secure new loans and cash in the amount of €250 million from the banks

  • 3 years and 9 months, Jul 1992 - Mar 1996

    President and Managing Director

    Tridelta GmbH

    - Transformation of this formerly loss making East German technical ceramic conglomerate into several competitively successful and profitable businesses which were then successfully divested - Conversion of a negative Ebitda of -€50 million in 1992 with sales of approximately €50 million into a positive Ebitda of €2 million in 1996 with sales of €60 million - Exit of individual businesses through a series of LBO's and trade sales and generation of approx. €15 million enterprise value

  • 1 year and 9 months, Oct 1990 - Jun 1992

    Active Founder

    Communitas Gesellschaft zur Konzeption Öffentlicher Kapitalanlagen mbH

    - Acquisition of the first 2 key projects to get the business started

  • 3 years and 5 months, May 1987 - Sep 1990

    Senior Associate

    McKinsey & Company

    - Restructuring and Transformation projects in the travel, plant & electrical engineering and office equipment manufacturing industries

  • 4 years and 1 month, Apr 1983 - Apr 1987

    Sales Representative for Computers and Peripherals

    Hewlett Packard GmbH Germany

    - Successful introduction of the original HP laserjet in my sales region with an average revenue growth of 200% pa

  • 6 months, Sep 1982 - Feb 1983

    Trainee Programme

    Commerzbank AG

Educational background for Pepijn Dinandt

  • 2 years and 10 months, Sep 1979 - Jun 1982

    Business Administration

    University of Wales, Cardiff

    - Grade: magna cum laude - Sir Julian Hodge Prize in finance and banking


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