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TechFirm Portugal

About us

TechFirm Portugal is a company specialized in nearshore/dualshore IT solutions supported by the Swiss TechFirm group founded in 1998 and established in several countries with more than 200 collaborators and 13 M € turnover. 

Based on "Delivering with happiness" message, TechFirm Portugal provides an integrated nearshore/dualshore service that included Software Development, Quality Assurance and Support. Communication is a key point of our strategic so we have regular contacts with our clients with the main goal of continuous improvement of our services.

Located in Lisbon, Portugal our development center can connect your projects to our qualified skilled teams with all the benefits that our model can give you: 

- Shared time zone
- Geographical proximity
- Regular visits from our business managers to ensure the quality and responsiveness of our services
- Proven experience in IT projects
- Competitive rates comparing with 100% local presence 

For more informations please contact me,
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