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Six steps to a successful digital business To become a truly digital enterprise, using cutting-edge technologies is not enough. Your company may fail to go digital even after introducing innovations. How can you build a digital space that will ensure business growth and development? Innovation leaders believe that a successful digital enterprise rests on the following three pillars: 1. Consistency - when the business and IT teams have realized the value of digital transformation and collabor...
Andersenposted an update8 September
Why Companies Should Conduct an Audit of Their Software An average company uses around 80 different programs to complete its operational tasks quickly. When there are plenty of systems, the work of each is difficult to control, and any breakdown can put a business out of action. In order to avoid such situations, organizations need to regularly check their systems. Software quality audits An old system needs to be checked in the following cases: 1. Before being integrated with a new one. 2. W...
Andersenposted an update31 August
How to Reduce Cloud Costs: Tips from DevOps Engineers Increasing profitability by reducing costs is an essential element of any business. Participants in Accenture’s study noted that, by tapping into the cloud, they were able to reduce infrastructure costs in 45% of cases, increase operational efficiency in 53% of cases, and introduce new technologies (Big Data, IoT, ML) in 51% of cases. According to experts at Forbes, enterprises save between 30% and 50% by moving their infrastructures to the ...

Andersen ist ein internationales Softwareentwicklungsunternehmen mit umfassender Expertise

Andersen Germany GmbH ist ein internationales Unternehmen für kundenspezifische Software. Seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 2007 hat das Unternehmen weltweit 10 Entwicklungszentren und etwa 10 Vertriebsbüros eröffnet. Andersen hat über 950 Projekte abgeschlossen und Hunderte von positiven Bewertungen von Kunden auf der ganzen Welt erhalten.

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