Career development

Plan your next career step and turn it into reality.

Professional coaching for your next step.

Coaching can help you further yourself personally or professionally in preparation for your next step. We'll show you when it makes sense to hire a coach and how to find one.

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For ambitious XING members: top jobs offering annual salaries of €50,000 or more.

Well-paid jobs aren't always easy to find. XING ProJobs gives you exclusive access to headhunter jobs with annual salaries of €50,000 or more.

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Groups and events – why it's important to network.

Learn more and expand your skillset by joining group discussions and attending events.

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Get ahead through training.

Training helps you build upon your skills and drive your career. But you still need to be careful what kind of training you choose. This is why we provide you with some handy tips when deciding what courses are a good match for you.

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"It's never too late to make a change!"

A job is no longer just about earning money. A lot of people define themselves through their job. Psychologist and coach Tanja Koehler explains how to go about changing career paths.

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The soft skills you need to boost your career.

Nowadays you often need soft skills on top a good degree and specialist skills. In this article you'll find out which soft skills are in demand and how you can learn them.

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Things that can go wrong when launching your own startup.

Starting your own company is currently considered the in-thing. But only a few start-ups manage to succeed in the long run. Gabriel Yoran and other start-up founders talk frankly about the failure they encountered.

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